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Real Solutions for Conflict in the Church
Developing Healthy Clergy & Congregations Conference
August, 6-8, 2013
Decatur FUMC, Atlanta, GA
Host Pastor, David Jones
Cost: $350
Scholarships are available. Request info.

Speakers | Seminary Credit


How Anxiety Functions in a System – Rev. Randy Kanipe

How to Help Your Family Cope – Deena Riley

Healthy Coping Skills for Clergy – Phyllis Kiser

Naming the Behavior – Rev. Dr. Jim Powell

Self-Awareness and Situational Awareness – Phyllis Kiser

Spiritual Strength Training – Rev. Jerry Meredith

Understanding Your Church Systems – Dr. Bob Pierson

Importance of Partnering with Laity – Wes Taylor

Prayer Ministry for Clergy – John Ashton

Healing in the Aftermath – Rev. Jerry Meredith

The Power of Prayer Connections – Rev. Leah Cunningham

Spiritual Warfare (Strategies and Tactics) – Rev. Randy Kanipe

Keeping Your Focus – Dr. Bob Pierson

Exposing the Great Accuser – Rev. Randy Kanipe

The Love Ministry of Admonishment – John Ashton

God Wins, A Theology of Victory – Rev. Lavell Sanders

How to Help Your Superintendent, Help You – Rev. Dr. David Naglee

Time to Refocus, Not Reload – Rev. Chris Carlton

The Healing Power of Prayer – Rev. Leah Cunningham

► Alternative Legal Options to Stop Abuse – Alan Alexander

Skills of Mediation – Judge Stephen E. Boswell

Observations From a Bishop: How to Face Conflict in the Church – Bishop Woodie White

When People Bring the Devil to Church – Rev. Lavell Sanders

Challenges of Female Clergy & Church Conflict – Rev. Beverly Casstevens

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others – Judy Salmon

Ministry in the Midst of Conflict – Dr. Bob Winstead

(*Tentative- Workshops are subject to change based on need/availability.)

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Dr. Bob Pierson

Bob Pierson Dr. Bob Pierson is founder and Executive Director of Leadership Nexus. As Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Ok, he and his wife, Delia, served for 37 years, growing it from an attendance of 200 to over 1600. He also helped found the Large Church Initiative of the United Methodist Church and served as its chairperson for 14 years.

You can find out more at his website.