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How Anxiety Functions in a SystemFamilies, communities, congregations are all systems. Systems are as much a part of life as is breathing. Like the atmosphere though, some are pristine and healthy while others are toxic and polluted. This workshop will allow us to gain an understanding of how anxiety functions within ourselves and the systems in which we live. Through this, you will gain a greater ability to negotiate the many complex relationships that are essential for living a healthy, balanced life. Led by Randy Kanipe

Psychological Damage of Clergy Attacks Led by Jim Powell

Spiritual Strength Training – This workshop will assist us in developing a historical, biblical, and analytical understanding of conflict.  In it you will learn to begin to form strategies for avoiding or minimizing conflict. And, learn how to survive the devastating effects on you, your family and your church, when conflict is unavoidable. Led by Jerry Meredith

A Pastor's Wife Speaks – Learn what "really happens when you have to be gracious" even during times of conflict. This workshop will lend the unique perspective of a pastor's wife who has personally been impacted by conflict within the church.  Led by Avis Lavender

Six Proactive Approaches to Problematic Encounters – This workshop will help you understand how to recognize antagonism before it strikes, how to protect your key people so they can protect you, how to guard gatherings, stick to the truth and how to know when it's time to confront conflict. Finally, you'll learn how to close a confrontation with grace. Led by Jim Lavender

Understanding Your Church's Systems – This workshop will help you understand how your church management, traditions, social relationships and other systems can work together to bring about positive results. By understanding how to keep these systems working properly, you can help to keep your church functioning in a healthy and loving way, avoiding the pitfall of conflict. Led by Bob Pierson

Prayer Ministry for Clergy Led by John Ashton

Healing in the Aftermath – In this workshop we’ll discuss ways to create, implement and maintain programs that will aid in the healing process for pastors, their families, and congregations after a protracted period of conflict or abuse. We will also explore ways to educate church leadership in methodologies for ministry opportunities during times of conflict. Led by Jerry Meredith

The Importance of Sabbath Practice for Clergy – If we are honest with ourselves, very few of us (Clergy) make the time to engage in intentional Sabbath practice. We know about the benefits, and like exercise - realize it is good for us. And, that is where it remains for the majority of clergy- an awareness, not a practice. This workshop examines the many benefits of Sabbath practice and some practical ways to help you engage in this life-saving and ministry-enhancing, spiritual discipline. Led by Randy Kanipe

Keeping Your Focus - With over 37 years of experience in ministry, Dr. Pierson will share with you how to keep your focus during times of conflict. We will discuss how to prioritize, by focusing on what really matters most, avoiding distractions and how to have a godly perspective in every situation, even those that seem hurtful and unfair. Led by Bob Pierson

Healing the Psychological Damage of Clergy Attacks Led by Jim Powell

The Love Ministry of Admonishment Led by John Ashton

Alternative Legal Options to Stop Abuse – “Turning the other cheek” does NOT mean surrendering or compromising your call and duty to your congregation.  A specialist in church mediation, attorney, Alan Alexander will show you what legal options are available to you when dealing with church “assassins” and “bullies” and how to resolve these conflicts without going to court in this informative workshop. Led by Alan Alexander

Surviving Acute Encounters- The Good, the Sinful and the Evil – In this workshop we will discuss overt and covert manipulation and why it happens, as well as, how to handle threats, violence and recognize dangerous personalities within the church structure. Our goal will be to emerge from these "acute encounters" with hope and grace. Led by Jim Lavender

Leadership Strategies For Handling Conflict Led by Dr. James A. Shield

Protecting for Yourself Amidst Troublemakers Led by Dr. Cathy Thorne

Holy Living Among Unholy PeopleLed by Maurice Graham

(*Tentative- Workshops are subject to change based on need/availability.)

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Dr. Bob Pierson

Bob Pierson Dr. Bob Pierson is founder and Executive Director of Leadership Nexus. As Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Ok, he and his wife, Delia, served for 37 years, growing it from an attendance of 200 to over 1600. He also helped found the Large Church Initiative of the United Methodist Church and served as its chairperson for 14 years.

You can find out more at his website.